Welcome. . .to my Bowowery!  My name is "Brockolee & Cheese" a.k.a. "Brockolee," a.k.a. "Brock." I am a fully certified assistance dog, having been trained by East Coast Assistance Dog (ECAD), by the at-risk youth trainers at Green Chimneys in Brewster, New York and The Children's Village (Greenburgh Eleven UFSD) in Dobbs Ferry, New York.
     I loved working with Marc in his personal realm, as well as his professional realm.  We made a very good team.  Though, I must say, I did love my ball time.  Hey, what can I say?  I am still a golden at heart in every way.  Because of Marc's profession, I became comfortable in theatrical and on film set surroundings.  I had also gotten the added bonus of working along side Marc on stage and screen.  We also had numerous speaking engagements together; speaking audiences about the important roles service animals play in the lives of their human partners and visa versa. I portrayed
the family dog or a service dog.  Mind you, I was always the best behaved dog on set; even better behaved and more talented then my professional counterparts that were seasoned and trained for this business.  Feel free to look at my credits.
     In 2003, Marc and I won the "crown" in the Service Dog Team category of the American Kennel Club's ACE Awards, having been chosen out of several hundred entrants. It was a great honor and fun to be a celebrity for a short lived moment, but even a greater honor to bring out into the open the important function of service animals and the many different jobs and tasks that we do to help increase an individual's independence. Marc and I were truly a great team.     I hope you enjoy the pictures!
     Unfortunately, my time came up one week short of 16 years of age and fourteen and one half years with Marc. Marc took great care of me , as I did of him. I miss my best buds, Marc (Great partner & friend. Thank you for continuing onward in the ACE Awards process after nomination.), Luis (Hide & seek. Unfortunately, he could never remember my commands, ha! But I still loved him. Thank you for the ACE nomination.), and Reid (the tormentor, ha, but a great guy. Thanks for the food sneaks-in the beginning! Loved him too.). Oh, and I cannot forget, Bill (The shows, and our long nights together afterward (the good food), though they made my job, at times, just a little more difficult. Marc rarely stands up straight or walks in a straight line...But...). And last, but not least, Dr. Babette Gladstein, who increased my quality of life and gave me three more functioning working years.
     I am confident that I left Marc in good hands with my replacement, Hilti Gun. I am sure Marc misses me as much as I miss him. Until we meet again...GODSPEED!!
     A great big "woof," hugs, a lick, and a tail wag to them both, and a "thank you" to all those who showed me great loving kindness, and respect.

Questions about access with a service animal?  Our Service Dog Team Certification

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